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Mar. 11th, 2014 | 09:58 pm

Some thoughts:

1.  like disappearing acts. One of the greatest tricks in the world. Maybe that's why I keep doing that too, online. Maybe I like cutting people off.

2. But who are we kidding? It's not just the disappearing I enjoy. It's the fact that people will be looking for me. That's what I realized tbh: I tend to scratch that itch when i'm feeling ignored. And then I get just as mad when the plan back fires.

3. But mostly, these days, I find that I really am content with being left alone. Work is already burden some enough. I've only patience for a fistful of friends, compared to the fields of them i used to entertain.

4. Does that make me selfish?

5. Have I been unkind lately?

6. I want to stop looking out for ppl. I want ppl to look out for me. I want to stop texting ppl. I want ppl to text me, to let em know they've missed me that they thought of me.

7. Pfft, you missed me my ass. Not when you only texted to ask if she can be a part and then you stopped replying when I gave my affirmative.

8. I've had it with you. All twenty something of you. At this point, I think I can really only tolerate one or two. Fistful, as i've mentioned. Heh.

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